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A Letter from Ted Lindsay

I welcome and express my gratitude to every person visiting our web site. We remain dedicated to funding research to find a cure for autism, a disorder that drastically impairs normal development in children and devastates their families.

In 1988, one in every 2,500 children had autism. In 2012, the Center for Disease Control estimated that one in 68 American children had autism and that in England this number is higher. I regard this alarming rise in the number of children with autism as an epidemic. Because I have always believed in a good fight, in 2001, I established the non-profit Ted Lindsay Foundation with my friend John Czarnecki, whose son, Dominic, is a child with autism. We continue to raise money to fund groundbreaking research on the cause and treatment of autism.

Through your support, we have already raised over 3 million dollars — all of it dedicated specifically to research projects that we choose with input from the research team. The work is carried out by a team of researchers who work for and report to us. This research has made significant progress and has been published worldwide. To date, it has resulted in the important discovery of inflammatory bowel disease in children with autism, understanding the minute details of the bowel disease with an aim to identifying new treatments, and identifying the cause of the bowel disease and autism.

Most of the members of our Board of Directors, Advisory Board and Ted Lindsay Foundation event workers are all volunteers.  Two delivery persons that transport our easel program are compensated and with the growth of the foundation, we authorized a small compensation to the President, Treasurer and Secretary who oversee and manage the day to day operations of the Ted Lindsay Foundation.  I am pleased we do not have administrative cost for rent or phones.  I am grateful to all our members and volunteers for their hard work.  Because of their commitment the money we raise goes directly to ongoing research and educational programs.

Thank you,
Ted Lindsay

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